AdControl Plugin Is Here!

The AdControl plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites I’ve been working on for the past while has finally launched! Piggybacking off Jetpack and WordAds 2.0 it’s now easier than ever to start showing ads on your site!


WordAds has been a hit with publishers and WordPress VIPs who further embraced it after we launched WordAds 2.0. Today we are excited to announce that WordAds is available to any WordPress site via the AdControl plugin.

Built specifically for WordPress sites that want to earn income from advertising, WordAds is built for simplicity, allowing bloggers to focus on blogging and leave the monetization to your WordAds partner.

Adcontrol screenshot

If you have  a self-hosted sites there are four steps to get going with Wordads:

  1. Apply here at
  2. Download and install the AdControl plugin here.
  3. Make sure that the Jetpack plugin is installed.
  4. Complete setup questions in your WordPress dashboard under Settings > WordAds

More questions? Check the WordAds FAQ here.

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Welcome to the future!

Posting this from my new company sponsored iPad mini with Retina. Word on the street is that this–personal tablet computing–is the future of computing, but I’m not convinced. It’s great and all to have a (kinda) full featured computing device with you at all times, but I constantly find myself wishing I could just get back to my laptop and do the same task in 1/4th the time. For instance, as soon as I finish posting this I plan on heading to my computer and adding images and whatnot because doing so from the iPad is an obtuse nightmare.

This whole experience reminds me of those scenes in 2002 movie rendition of Minority report where Tom Cruise’s character interacts with some fancy-pants gesture based interface. It looked so awesome, but the reality is that efficiency tests showed that plain ol’ mouse and keyboard beat the fancy gesture interfaces by an order of magnitude. I guess you can lump me in with the old technology grump-a-grumps lamenting the passing of simpler times, but why add complexity to something that already simply works?

Edit: I ended up finishing this post in my laptop 😛

Tom Cruise at fancy-pants interface